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Delivery Information

Our delivery policy varies depending on the Category of product you purchase.


  1. For our second hand motorcycles and project motorcycles delivery arrangements must be made via email and or phone with the shop on 10579208100. 
  2. Delivery timings and costs will vary depending on your location and the nature of the purchase. Please ensure that information is clear prior to purchase. We will be transparent and straightforward providing you with the maximum information possible at the time of purchase.
  3. Depending the nature of the motorcycle and agreements the time taken to prepare your bike for delivery will vary. We will discuss all aspects of the purchase with you and agree the time required to prepare your motorcycle prior to delivery.
  4. Transportation methods will vary depending on the nature of your purchase and the location for delivery. We will discuss how the motorcycle or project bike will be transported and provide you with best estimate for pick up and delivery.
  5. Collection in person is possible subject to payment prior to collection
  6. Local delivery within 50 miles of our physical store will be undertaken by us with our own transport.

Second hand parts:

  1. Delivery of second hand parts will be done by post or courier.
  2. As the products vary in type, size and weight, the actual delivery needed for any item should agreed with us at the time of purchase.
  3. We will always aim to provide the optima;l delivery solution for our customers.
  4. Normally we will fulfill  an order the next working day unless preparation is required or we have to order the part in; in such circumstances we will agree delivery timings directly with our customers over the phone on 014579208100 or via email.

New motorcycle parts and accessories:

  1.  Our aim is to provide the most efficient fulfillment possible based on products ordered.
  2. As we provide items that we stock in house these will be dispatched the next day with delivery within 3-4 working days, with options for quicker delivery at the customers expense.
  3. Certain products are sold but are not physically stocked in our premises. Such items may be dispatched directly to our customers and stock levels and delivery times will be determined by our suppliers. If you are unsure or require clarification on dispatch and delivery times and or delivery options. p;lease call us on 01579 208100.

Workshop services:

  1. The time required to effect repairs and/or refurbishment to your motorcycle will vary depending on spare parts requirement and prior bookings for our workshop.
  2. Your bike will be assessed either in a pre booking inspection or at the time of drop off. We will always aim to comply with estimated times for repairs, however in the event spare parts are required delays may occur. We will always inform you if there is to be any delay for any reason related to workshop activities that affects the timescale required for the work on your motorcycle.
  3. The workshop can be contacted during working hours on 014579208100